I feel so blessed to have been given the privilege of empowering women to make themselves and their health a priority. Teaching them that the gift of self-love is  NOT selfish, it is the greatest gift they can give to themselves and to all the those they love in their life.

Today I want to share with you a beautiful message I received from a client that embraced the LYL philosophy and now enjoys a life filled with greater health, confidence, and happiness.

We LOVE you Francine!


LYL_BeforeAfter_FrancinePenney_bikini-style (2)

Love Yourself Lean has given me many life experiences so far. It has made me a much stronger woman not just physically but mentally as well. Initially, my goals for the program were to lose weight and look great for my upcoming cruise. Those things are still very important to me but it goes much deeper. This program for me is all about life change, making healthy and positive choices to better my life and to better the lives of those around me, my children and my husband. I want to set an example of “yes you can do it” for my family and that is what I’m learning from LYL.

Being a stay home mom I’ve always given much devoted attention to my children, husband and friends, I’m a giving person but not very giving to me, I’ve always put myself last. Having this inner struggle with myself made me realize…

I needed a new focus in life, a new focus for ME!

LYL was introduce to me by a friend and said it would be good for me. Here I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone and working out in a gym, very first time ever. And I love it!

I’m putting me FIRST for a change and my family can see the difference in my lifestyle, I’m have more energy, I’m more positive and everybody in my house is happier!

My journey with this program so far has given me the opportunity to meet extraordinary women! The coaches are amazing! They are so positive, supportive and very encouraging. Yes you can attitude which I need.

Doing this program has been life changing for me.

I’m stepping out my comfort zone and it’s okay and I can do this. I want this role model for my kids.

In addition to the tremendous support and encouragement I have received from the LYL Coaches, the other women in the program are so supportive of each other. Helping each other out in the kitchen with questions to where to find certain ingredients or just saying stay strong, you can do it. They are absolutely amazing! They all bring something different to the program but we all share a few things in common, we all want to improve our life, become a better, stronger woman and make healthy, positive choices in and out of the kitchen. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

In conclusion, the greatest lessons on my journey with this program for me so far are keeping in mind that it is not about the weight I lose but how I feel,  becoming the strong, confident woman I deserve to be, conquering my fears, stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it! Learning to make healthy choices in the kitchen and keeping it clean.  This program is about life change, making healthy, positive choices to better your life.

I’m on the right track with LYL, I feel strong, confident and I have made this way of living a life commitment for me!

Thank you LYL!