Ladies, do you have a favourite pair of jeans that use to slip on like a well worn glove, but that now resists going past your hips?

Or maybe you just hate the feel of your “muffin top” spilling over when you do them up?

Well, I may have a solution for you…


It’s a method that will save you from the agonizing 15 minutes of tugging, hopping and wiggling around on the floor like a fish out of water just to get your jeans up, zipped, and buttoned.

I call it….Your 21 Day Blueprint to Dropping a Jean Size in 21 Days


Now you can enjoy the Perfect Fit on Your Sexy Curves!!

There’s something special about a favourite pair of jeans, isn’t there?

Nothing beats the smooth feel of a fine-fitting pair of denim. It not only changes your mood … but changes the whole vibe you give off to those around you.

That style. That walk. That perfect fit. Love, love, love it…

And the reality is that we ALL have at least one pair of jeans hiding in the dark corners of our closets … just waiting to come out of retirement.

Having been a Women’s Weight Loss Coach for over 10 years I realize that sometimes you just need SUPER QUICK weight loss for a special event — or maybe you’re simply tired of not fitting into your favourite jeans.

That’s why I created the Drop a Jeans Size in 21 Days Program!

Let me make it very clear – THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK but it IS is a Rapid Results Program.

However, it is the safest and most efficient way to rapidly slim down your
waist, thighs and butt to look great in your favourite jeans again.

When you workout with me and follow my day-by-day done-for-you meal plan you will lose those unwanted inches. Heck, I’ve seen women drop a size in less than 2 weeks just doing my regular program!

Check out these amazing transformations:

  LYL_BeforeAfter_LesleyBourne (2)LYL_BeforeAfter_HeatherMoores (2)

And, just in case you don’t have any weight to lose…no problem. You’ll love the toning and tightening effects of my metabolic strength training program. Plus, you’ll increase strength, endurance, and vitality – you’ll look AND feel better than ever!

Just take a look at what’s included in my Drop a Jean Size in 21 Days program:

  • 3 weeks of Fat Burning Workouts designed and taught by ME, Coach Courtney. You’ll get to train with me in a small, intimate group of women (class size limited to 10) 3 days per week! ($135 Value)
  • Classes starts Monday, February 1st and run until Sunday, February 21st.
  • 21 Days of Family-Approved Fat Burning Meal Plans PLUS 65+ NEW Love Yourself Lean Recipes to ensure you reach your goals as quickly as possible. ($95 Value)
  • At-home Core Cinching Workout with instructional videos to give you that “extra edge.” ($19 Value)
  • 24/7 access to ME and our community of LYL Mentors via or Private Facebook group. We check-in daily to answer your questions, post challenges and share LOTS of motivation and support. ($29 Value)

…You get all this – a $278 Value – for ONLY $99!

“Why would I give so much away at such a low price?”

That’s a fair question, and I’ll be 100% transparent with you on my answer…

I am so confident that you’ll love the results you achieve and the experience you have that you’ll want to stay on and become a regular member of the Love Yourself Lean Community in 2016.  In fact, if you’re NOT totally satisfied with the Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days program just let me know and I’ll offer you a 100%, no questions asked, refund.

Fair enough?

Great! Let’s get started then. Click the Register Now button below to activate your Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days program. I’ll then be in touch with you to get started…



6:00 am M/W/F

5:30pm M/W/F

6:30pm M/W/F

*Session Times Are Approximately 1 Hour

YES! I want to Drop a Jean Size in 21 Days!!

GOT QUESTIONS: Email me directly at or Call 709-330-4665



No problem. I have designed an on-line version of the program that you can follow at-home while accessing the 24/7 support from me and our community via our Private Facebook group.


YES! I want to Drop a Jean Size in 21 Days!!

GOT QUESTIONS: Email me directly at or Call 709-330-4665

Please don’t hesitate to get started.

I don’t have a lot of room left in the program and I will NOT overbook our classes.  Summer will be here before you know it…  Here’s your opportunity to get a jump start on your Summer Ready Body AND look and feel better than you’ve ever felt and looked before!

Don’t starve yourself and miss out on all of life’s pleasures.

Don’t run yourself into the ground with excessive exercise and marathon workouts.

And don’t settle for clothes that don’t reflect the strong, sexy and glamorous woman you are on the inside.

Do you realize how short a period of time 21 days is?

I want you to a look at your calendar right now and mark a big red smiley face on February 21st.

Because 21 Days is all it takes to start feeling fabulous in your jeans again!

I’m really looking forward to helping you!


Your Coach,

Courtney Rowsell


P.S. Remember… if you’re serious about fitting back into your favourite pair of jeans without starving yourself … without running yourself into the ground … and without putting up a fight to ease those suckers on … then as I mentioned above, this is the most sensible, risk-free step you can take today.

P.P.S. – You really CAN drop a dress size (or more) in 21 days.  

I’d love the opportunity to help you do it.

YES! I want to Drop a Jean Size in 21 Days!!