Do you and your family need a Healthy Makeover?

Are you tired of dieting on food that your family resists eating?

Do you crave new meal ideas and healthy snacks for both you and your kids?

Do you wish eating healthy as a family was easier?

Are you tired of feeling guilty for feeding your family unhealthy, processed and packaged foods, due to lack of time and planning?

Are you tired of spending MORE money on eating out then on groceries?

Are you tired of watching your kids eat in the car and are longing for more opportunities to connect at the dinner table?

Let’s get you and your family back on track to eating better and together.
Join The “Eat Better, Eat Together Challenge” TODAY!
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You want the best for your family, especially when it comes to their health. But sometimes it can be overwhelming to make changes when you face resistance, feel overstretched, or simply unsure where to start.
I believe that Mom’s are the KEY to helping their children learn about and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By providing healthy meals, sitting down as a family to eat together and encouraging healthy eating for EVERYONE in the household (not just you), you can help set your children up for a lifetime of good health.

When you join the Love Yourself Lean 5-Week Eat Better, Eat Together Challenge you’ll learn how to incorporate small, healthy changes into your family’s lives so you can all get fit and healthy together!
Put Your Families Health First!
Join The Eat Better Eat Together Challenge TODAY!
Tune-in to a Healthier You with the support of me as your coach, plus our team of knowledgeable LYL mentors and an inspiring community of busy women and mom’s just like you.
Here is what you will receive over the course of 5 weeks:
– 10 Meal Makeovers that Will Please You and the Kids
– 10 Commandants of Healthy Eating for Families
– 10 Nifty, Nutritious Snacks for YOU and the Kids
– 10 After-School / Work Snack Ideas
– 10 Benefits of Eating Together
– 5 Weeks of Done-For-You Family Approved Meal Plans
– Plenty of Delicious & Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes
– Healthy Brown Bag Lunches that YOU and your Kids Will Actually Eat
– 10 Ways to Make Family Mealtime More Enjoyable
– YOU and your Kids Will Learn How to Cook; including my Tips, Tricks and Treats for Making it Fun and Easy
– Complete 5-Week Fitness Plan. Including Fun Family Fitness Ideas like Geocaching. 
Here’s How It Works:
1. Join the challenge as an on-line member by clicking the “Join This Challenge” button below. 
2. Once registered you will receive your first of five coaching emails that will include your Done-For-You Meal Plans, recipes, exercise plan and your set of weekly support tools and challenges to kick start the program.

3. You will also receive a list of Daily / Weekly Action Steps. As a member of our Private Facebook group you will check-in daily letting us know that you have successfully completed your assigned action steps. You will accumulate points for each action step completed and the member with the most points at the end of the 5 weeks will WIN a weeks worth of FREE groceries ($200 VALUE).
When you sign-up you’ll also get access to the Private Facebook Group and receive daily support, encouragement and motivation from me, our group of LYL Mentors and our awesome community of women who are also participating in the challenge.
Sound good? 
Okay Great! let’s get you Registered.
Join The Eat Better Eat Together Challenge TODAY!
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Make YOUR Health and your FAMILIES Health a PRIORITY!!