If you’ve been following me on Facebook you know that I just got back from Las Vegas, Nevada where I attended a two day mastermind with a group of other fitness professionals from around the Globe.

While there I got to chatting with my friend Sylvia Favela, a.k.a the Pilates Chick.

She just launched her 45 Day Pilates Meltdown program, which is a 6 week Pilate’s program that includes follow-a-long workout videos that you can do at home and experience the full benefit of Pilates without the expensive studio fees.

If you are a LYL Bootcamp member, Fabulicious Figure client or have trained with me in the past you know how must I emphasis the importance of developing deep core strength and that it cannot be achieve through crunches alone.

You also know how much I love to add variety to our workouts. Incorporating multi training styles and unique exercises makes for well-rounded program. The diversity that other training disciplines offer will help you become stronger all over, discover muscles in areas you didn’t even realize you had and help streamline your physique to showcase beautiful new curves.

Pilate’s has always been a discipline that I’ve wanted to explore, but could never justify the additional expense of another monthly membership fee. So I was super excited when Sylvia told me about her on-line DVD video series.

Just like I did, I’m sure you have questions about Pilates. What is it? How is it different than yoga? Can it REALLY help you “Melt Your Muffin Top” and develop the muscle tone you’re looking for.

So I invited Sylvia to write a guest post to help you better understand Pilates and to share with you a few exercises that you can add to your LYL workouts that will slim and tighten your waistline.


Take it away Sylvia…….

Hi ladies,

Sylvia here!

Pilates is a challenging workout, so I’ve been told. The mass majority of women that ask me about Pilates think it’s just a stretching exercise. But they know it’s great for them to do. I say Pilates is a funny workout mainly because it all depends on the studio you walk into or the Pilates workouts available over the Internet will determine your results of the particular Pilates program chosen.

Some Pilates workouts do focus only on breath and slow movements that’s why it’s so commonly confused with yoga.

My Pilates girls stick with their workouts primarily because of the benefit of staying fit and toned without getting bulky or injuring themselves.  I’ve had many women and men tell me they can’t do those boot camps or go to gyms because they hurt themselves and suffered from injuries, some lifelong injuries that resulted in surgery.

I get asked many times if they need to lose weight before they start, some think they need to get in shape first before they start Pilates.

Even some of the more mature ladies ask if it’s only for the younger ones because they have the stamina.  Sadly this is false, both are false actually.

You don’t need to be in shape or be strong to do Pilates, I’ve witnessed first hand a big 6’4 MMA fighter fall to pieces after showing him only 3 of my Pilates moves. You just need to start and you can be at beginner or advanced fitness level.

Which brings me to one of my case studies…Kim; She is amazing and inspires me everyday! In January 2012 she was weighing in at 200 pounds on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Kim had injured both of her knees trying workouts that only wreaked havoc her body instead of helping it.  The injury to her left knee was the biggest obstacle; she had water in the knee and a torn meniscus.  In pain and depressed with how her body looked she packed on the weight.

When gaining weight not only is the pressure of feeling completely out of shape in public feel terrible but also it’s unneeded pressure and strain on the joints.  Not to mention the health risks of being over weight.

While working with Kim she always mentioned just how much she hated the fat rolls that hung over her pants and the jiggle arms.  She told me stories of her kids poking fun of the loose skin under her arms.  Especially when she waves good-bye.  I have to say our kids are the first to poke fun and call us out on our faults.


I started Kim on specific my Pilates exercise moves that kept pressure off her joints, careful to not apply any pressure on the bad left knee.

She started with interval series of Pilates moves paired with quick cardio spurts in every few intervals.  The regimen included full body weight resistance moves that allowed her body to move through each exercise without feeling any pain on her joints.

We targeted moves to get rid of her muffin top and jiggly arms, it involved deep core specific moves, lower back, lower body and arm toning Pilates exercises. Now all of the Pilates exercises are specifically targeted to hit the most stubborn areas of the body.

Kim stayed consistent with her workouts with me.  Her strength and endurance went through the roof! She went from never being able to do a Knee Pull or finishing a 30-minute workout to powering through a double workout and outdoing everyone else in the class with the knee pulls.

She was so ecstatic telling me how her kids gave her the greatest compliment, “Mom your arms don’t jiggle anymore”! She was so happy and it truly made her day.

Now I forgot to mention, Kim is 55 years old and she can out do my 25-year-old Pilates girls easily.  You can say it’s her determination and drive to succeed.  But the most importantly is the specific Pilates moves I have her do strengthens her body without causing injury to the body.

Besides the amazing results Kim continues to see every day, she is off her medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I cannot emphasis how important it is to simply start a Pilates regimen, even if you already have a regular fitness routine you do, add some Pilates moves. The unique Pilates exercises are target to hit the most stubborn hard to reach areas in your body.

I put together some of the specific Pilates moves I have Kim do that I’d like to share them with you take a look and head over here ==> http://www.pilatesworkout360.com/friendsofcourtney/

When I’m approached and asked to define Pilates I enjoy explaining how it feels and why you should do it.  It’s deep…deep core and full body resistance work with mindful control of every carefully designed Pilates exercise move all without the unnecessary need to overuse your joints.

As I mentioned you can add these carefully crafted Pilates moves to your workout or do them in the morning, night or when you have a few minutes during the day…Now if you have never tried Pilates and always wanted to here is your perfect chance to give it a try….Head over here and get your copy right now http://www.pilatesworkout360.com/friendsofcourtney/

Enjoy and have fun with these fun Pilates moves!
Sylvia Favela

Hey, Courtney here again. Please make sure to take advantage of these fun new moves from Sylvia and be sure to post a comment below to share your feedback and how amazing your core feels after these moves. I know you’re gonna love them! 😉