Happy Labor Day LYLer’s!

Hope you are enjoying your last holiday before you hit the RESET Button.

If you have been following my emails for the past week, I hope that I have inspired you so see Labor Day and the Back-to-School Season as the summer version of New Years; an opportunity to re-commit to your health and fitness.

Today I share with you the 5th and final LYL Fall Resolution that you MUST make for yourself and your family so you can begin another school season with greater health and energy.

Resolution #5 – Get Back to a Healthy Eating Plan


Mealtimes tend to be less structured and more casual during the summer months. So when school resumes in the fall, it’s back to planning and packing healthy lunches for your kiddies, making sure they have plenty of after school snacks options and that as a family you sit down and enjoy at least one meal together in the evenings.

So as you begin planning meals for the family, remember you need to eat too! To keep up with the demands on your time and energy you need to eat healthy and frequently.

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many busy moms’ make is they forgot to eat. Or spend so much time and energy planning meals and snacks for the kids that they end up grabbing the quickest, and most convenient thing to fuel themselves; often times these choices aren’t the most healthiest, leaving them feeling drained and run down by the end of the day.

Planning healthy meals and snacks for both you and the family will require some pre-planning, but the investment of time will be worth the return….a happy, healthy and more energetic you!

To help with back-to-school healthy lunch box planning, here are four lunch-box meal plans your kiddies will LOVE. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pack your healthy lunch too. These are not only “Kid Approved” they are “Mommy Approved” too.

 Lunch Box #1


Sweat Curry Chicken Boats (Pg. 114 LYL Cookbook)

Funky Monkey Smoothie

Baked Lemon Blueberry Mini Muffin (Pg. 20 LYL Cookbook)

Berry Skewers w/ Yogurt

Lunch Box #2


Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad (Pg. 150 LYL Cookbook) – I substituted the spinach for peas, sun-dried tomatoes for cherry tomatoes and opted to use

Berry-licious Parfait (Pg. 70 LYL Cookbook)

Date & Apricot Balls – (I substituted the Hemp protein powder w/ chocolate protein powder)

Berry Fused Water (Blackberries & raspberries in water with a dash of stevia for sweetness)

Lunch Box #3


Turkey Meatball Skewers (LTL Turkey Meatballs, green pepper, & pineapple w/ Honey Dijon Dipping Sauce)

(Turkey Meatballs Pg. 167 LYL Cookbook)

Green Tropical Smoothie

Coconut Banana Muffin

 Lunch Box #4


Falafel Skewers (falafels, pita bread and cherry tomatoes w/ tzatziki Sauce. The falafel’s are from Costco)

Berry Skewers w/ Yogurt

Granola Bar (Pg. 77 LYL Cookbook. I replaced the sliced almonds with sunflower seeds & chia seeds and replaced the cranberries with raisins and dried apricots. Just to change things up and to respect the no-nut school policy)

Need More Lunch Box Ideas?

Join me 11:00am this Sunday, September 8th at Wicked Fit at 140 Stavanger Dr. I will be hosting a FREE Clean Eating Lunch Box Workshop in celebration of the stores name changing event. Hope to see you there! 🙂

Grab a Copy of Cookin’ Clean & Lean

If you haven’t already done so you can pick-up a copy of my Cooking Clean & Lean Cookbook by clicking the link above. In this clean eating cookbook you will find plenty of healthy and delicious family-approved recipes that will give you all day energy and satisfy your little eaters.

Cookbook ecover



I hope that these 5 LYL Fall Resolutions inspired and motivated you to re-commit to your health and fitness this the Fall. Remember we’re in this together, so please take the time to share your biggest back to school stressors by making a comment below and I’ll do my very best to offers some helpful self-care tips to help.

Back to School Means Back to YOU!

Your Mommy Friend and coach,