Happy Healthy Holidays!

Have you started receiving your holiday dinner party invites yet?









If so, here is a list of Holiday Do’s and Don’t’s that will help you get through the holiday party season without sabotaging your commitment to weight loss and to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

It IS POSSIBLE to stay on track during the holidays despite intense social pressure not too! This list will help!

Coach Courtney’s Holiday Do’s & Don’t’s:


You DON’T have to totally deprive yourself during the holidays but you DO have to have some willpower to say no! I know, I know what you’re thinking….here comes Aunt Betty with her famous Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake. Even if you’re not tempted by the dessert, how do you say no to someone who simply won’t take no for an answer? Get in the habit of saying “No thank-you, I don’t eat dessert”- without feeling the need to explain yourself. Personally my go to response is… “Wow that looks delicious, thank you for sharing I’ll defiantly have some later!” At first you will be met with some resistance, but eventually people will get the point and stop asking you.

DON’T try to convince yourself that you’re going to eat less after the holiday event therefore it’s ok to eat what you want during the event. You will not have as much motivation to diet once the event has passed.

DO Arrive Later. With so many holiday invitations coming your way, it is hard to avoid the social pressure of having to attend every dinner party, or having to sit there and watch everyone else stuff their faces while you’re focused to listen to them criticize you for not joining them. Make the decision to arrive later, maybe after the meal. Without lying or making up excuses, simply tell the host that you won’t be able to make it for dinner, but you’d love to come and visit with everyone afterwards.

DON’T Skip meals in anticipation of a party or holiday meal. You will only set yourself up for becoming overly-hungry which inevitably leads to overeating and paying little attention to portion control

DO dress sexy. Wear something tight, get your hair done, put on your highest heels etc. This way you will feel less likely to indulge in a huge dinner.

DON”T drink wine or beer. Go for hard alcohol if you must have something. Why? Because you can nurse a hard drink all night, but with wine and beer there’s a higher chance you will want another.

DO position yourself as far away from the appetizer table as possible.

DO send people home with food if you are hosting a party.

DO sit at the table as far from the unhealthy food options as possible. If you have to keep standing up, putting your drink down and reaching across Aunt Margaret to grab a piece of bread you’re not going to have as many pieces as if it was right in front of you.

DO bring your own Healthy Holiday dish to the occasion or create your own Healthy Holiday Menu that supports your health and weight loss goals. Nobody has to know that it’s healthy or ‘diet food’ but at least you’ll have something to eat that supports your healthy lifestyle.

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~ Coach Courtney

P.S. Remember to stick to my list of Holiday Do’s and Don’ts’s and I promise you will keep the Holiday weight off while everyone around you gains another 8-12 pounds!