To help you get the MAX from your 5-Day Slim Down challenge here is a workout program you can follow.

It’s the exact same workout program I am following this week. I’m heading to the gym this afternoon to complete Workout B: Legs / Shoulders / Arms.

ok, let’s dig in!!!

5-Day Slim Down Workout Program

How To Follow The Workout Program to get the max results from your 5-Day Slim Down Challenge

Step 1 – Schedule your workouts in advance. Before your busy week starts, get out your weekly planner and block out time just for YOU! You will be working out 2x per day for the next 5 days, so schedule it! Remember you are investing in you!

Step 2 – Use the Sample Weekly Training Schedule provided as your guide to planning your workouts for the next 5 days. However, remember this is just a sample of what your 5 Day Plan might look like. Be sure to follow a workout schedule that works best for your busy schedule. For example, if you cannot commit to AM cardio sessions AND a pm workout, then add your cardio to your pm workout. The BEST times/days to workout is when its’ BEST for YOU! The plan has to support your lifestyle so you can complete all 5 days of the program

Step 3 – If you are not familiar with the exercises in the program, then PLEASE visit my YouTube Channel and do a search for the exercise. Not all exercises in this program will have a video on my channel, so just type the name of the exercise in the YouTube search bar to see if another trainer has posted a video that can help you. There are thousands of exercises in the ‘LYL Vault’, and I will continue to post new videos to my channel, but for now what you can’t find in my video library, just search for on YouTube.

Step 4 – Pace yourself! This a short term challenge, so yes it’s important to up the intensity but you must ALWAYS workout within your own limits. Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain.  So if you are new to LYL or have not been working out consistency for the past few months….start slow and go easy! More is not always better!!! Complete only 1-2 rounds of each circuit until you feel confident and strong enough to complete all three rounds of each circuit. Set your cardio bursts to 15sec and work your way up to 30sec. Or if you are an existing LYL Bootcamp member challenge yourself to increase your cardio blasts to 45sec.

Step 5After you have reviewed the workouts and watched all exercise technique demo videos, and you still have questions, PLEASE post in here on the blog and I’ll be happy to help you there. DO NOT send me a personal email. When you post on the blog, together we are helping other women who might also need the some guidance.

Overview of the Workout

Each workout day is broken down into three Giant Circuits (only two in Workout C). Each circuit is followed by a 30sec Cardio Blast. The exercises in each circuit are preformed consecutively, for the prescribed number of repetitions. After you have completed one round of all three exercises in that circuit, you are to perform the 30sec Cardio Blast. Take a 60-90sec recovery, and then repeat the circuit 2-3 times before moving onto the next circuit. The number of times you complete each circuit will depend on your fitness and energy levels, in addition to how much time you have. It’s better to complete a 20min workout then to skip it all together, just because you don’t have the full 50min.

Your workout should flow like this…


Giant Circuit A




A Cardio Blast


Repeat 2-3x

Giant Circuit B




B Cardio Blast


Repeat 2-3x

Giant Circuit C




C Cardio Blast


Repeat 2-3x

Stretch & Cool Down

Finished!! 🙂

Here is a Sample 5-Day Training Schedule

Day One:

AM- 20min High Intensity Interval Cardio Session

PM – Workout A: Legs / Back / Chest Workout

Day Two:

AM- 20min High Intensity Interval Cardio Session

PM – Workout B: Legs / Shoulders / Arms

Day Three:

AM- 20min High Intensity Interval Cardio Session

PM – Workout C: Cardio & Core

Day Four:

AM- 30min Slow, Steady State Cardio Session

PM – Repeat Workout A

Day Five:

AM- 30min Slow, Steady State Cardio Session

PM – Repeat Workout B

And FINALLY here is the workout….


Workout A : Legs / Back / Chest


5min Speed Rope

Giant Circuit A:

 A (1) Barbell Squats – 12/10/10

A (2) DB Stiff-Leg Deadlifts – 12/10/10

A (3) DB Walking Lunges – 12/12/12 steps per leg

A. Cardio Burst: 30sec Box Jumps

Giant Circuit B:

B (1) Assisted Machine Chin-ups – 10/8/8

B (2) Cable Machine Chest Flyes – 12/10/10

B (3) Seated Cable Rows – 12/10/10

 B. Cardio Burst: 30sec Push-up Burpee w/ Bench Jump

Giant Circuit C:

C (1) DB Renegade Rows – 8/8/6 per arm

C (2) Bent Over Reverse DB Flyes – 12/10/10

C (3) DB T-Push-ups – 6/6/4 per arm

C. Cardio Burst: 30sec Bosu Ball Side Ski Jumps


5min cool down and stretch

Workout B – Legs / Shoulders / Arms


5min Speed Rope

Giant Circuit A:

A (1) DB Squat & Press – 12/10/10

A (2) DB Bulgarian Split Squat – 8/8/6 per leg

A (3) DB Heart Press – 12/10/10

 Cardio Burst: 30sec DB Swings

Giant Circuit B:

B (1) DB Reverse Lunge w/ 1-Arm Press – 8/8/6 per side

B (2) Assisted Machine Tricep Dips – 3 sets to failure

B (3) Standing DB Bicep Curl & Press – 12/10/10

Cardio Burst: 30sec Frog Jump w/ Vertical Jump

Giant Circuit C:

C (1) DB Hammer Curls – 12/10/10

C (2) DB Side Laterals – 12/10/10

C (3) DB Tricep Kickbacks – 12/10/10

Cardio Burst: 30sec Bench Up & Overs


5min cool down and stretch

Workout C: Cardio & Core

Circuit I:

Repeat the following circuit twice, followed by 10min of treadmill sprints before moving on to the second circuit.

1. Skipping – 2min

2. V Sit Leg Raises – 10 reps

3. Stability Ball Crunch – 10 reps

4. Explosive Jumps – 30sec

5. Stability Ball Jackknife – 10 reps

6. Plank Hold – max hold

Cardio Blast: Complete 10min of Treadmill sprints. Run for 1min, walk for 1min and repeat 5x for a total of 10min.

Circuit II:

Repeat the following circuit twice, followed by 10min of treadmill sprints

1. Speed Skaters – 30 sec

2. Stability Ball Exchange – 10 reps

3. Plank Twists – 10 reps

4. Low Jack w/ Touch Down – 30 sec

5. Cross Body Crunch w/ Punch – 10 reps

6. Side Plank w/ Hip Raises – 10 reps per side

All right…there you have it!

Give these workouts a try and be sure to share your success here on the blog.

Be Unstoppable today!!! 🙂