Happy Monday!

As we wrap-up Muscle Month here at LYL and get ready to kick off our April Ab Rehab Month, here is a 4-Minute Flat Stomach Circuit Workout for you.

Go ahead, give it a try NOW or add it as a finisher after your workout today.

4-Min Flat Stomach Circuit

Click each exercise to learn how to preform it correctly. Enjoy!

1A) Jumping Jacks w/ Punch – 60 seconds

1B) Plank Hold – 60 seconds

1C) Explosive Jumps – 60 seconds

1D) Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds

If you are advanced, you can rest 1 minute and repeat this circuit up to two more times. You’ll LOVE it.

Let me know if you enjoyed this workout by posting a comment below; I’d LOVE to hear from you 🙂

Enjoy and don’t waste another minute doing the wrong Ab exercises.


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