28-Day Swimsuit Body Makeover Challenge

There’s no need to dread swimsuit season. Get Swimsuit Ready with LYL!!!

 Step into summer with CONFIDENCE!

In 28 days we will combine metabolism-revving foods, fat-melting and muscle-sculpting workouts to help you sculpt your swimsuit ready body.

Ladies, it’s still not too late to get in shape and feel confident this summer – whether you are pear shape, apple shape, triangle shape, big-chested or small-chested. You CAN be swimsuit worthy this summer with the help of our Swimsuit Ready Program.

 How The Program Works

PART I: Swimsuit Ready Workouts

Each week, you’ll complete six, 30-60 min workouts! Three with a LYL Coach in a semi-private and group-based setting and three on your own.

Can’t get to the gym? Not a problem…we provide at-home versions of all workouts and include a 4 week gym membership.

The Workouts with a LYL Coach are Broken Down as Follows:

Total-Body Shaper Workouts (2 per week):

Two, 60min semi-private (4 ladies) training sessions per week with a LYL Coach to teach you how to perform the right exercises, in the right order, with the right volume and intensity to deliver the body-shaping results you desire. These sessions will be taught in a gym setting, with the goal to help you become stronger and fearless in the weight room. Sessions are taught at REPS (Old Global Gym on 92 Elizabeth Ave.)

With workout themes like…Swimsuit Worthy Abs! Sleek Arms & Thighs! Butt & Belly Priority! These strength-based workouts are designed to target every muscle group responsible for building a swimsuit ready body. Every exercise has been strategically selected to reshape every angle of your body.

Get Your Sweat On! Workouts (1 per week):

One, 45min high energy group BootCamp class per week to re-energize you and have a blast with your workout peers and other members of our LYL Bootcamp community. Bootcamps are taught inside the LYL Studio (inside REPS)

We’ve pulled together all our signature sweaty LYL cardio moves to get your heart pumping, your fat cells crying and your metabolism super-charged!!! You’ll be burning major calories, 24-hours after every workout!

Skin Tightening, Posture Correcting & Muscle Toning Recovery Workouts (3 per week):
Designed to balance your hard-core strength-based workouts and your sweaty cardio sessions to create a flawless physique that is beautiful from every angle. These recovery workouts focus on exercises and stretches that correct postural imbalances, relax tight and sore muscles to create long, lean and luxurious muscle tone and definition.

You will complete these workouts on your own or at the gym.  Your registration includes a 4 Week gym membership to REPS.

BONUS Surprise Group Workouts!! LOVE these!! You’ll just have to sign up to experience these for yourself 🙂


PART II:  Swimsuit Ready Meal Plan

Complete, specially designed Nutritional Plan, broken down into phases to empower you with the TRUTH about nutrition and eliminate the guess work.

We’ve combined the best metabolism-revving foods with the natural diuretic properties of some delicious fruits, vegetables and teas to help speed up your fat burning potential, shed excess water weight and help you banish your belly.

With our collection of easy-to-prepare, delicious and family-friendly meals, you can mix and match to create the perfect meal plan for you

In this 28-Day Fat Melting Nutritional Plan you will torch unwanted fat, blast cellulite, enjoy an abundance of energy and even feel sexually frisky!

A digital copy of the Love Yourself Lean Cookin’ Clean & Lean Cookbook

PART III:  Swimsuit Ready Support 

Exclusive Transformation Emails. Receive weekly challenge emails with fat loss tips, motivation and assignments to help you turn up the heat on your results.

Weekly Accountability and Progress Check-ins. Food log checks, weigh-ins and measurements are facilitated during your first coaching session each week. Tweaks to your plan will given based on your progress.

YES! We will share all the fat loss and muscle toning secrets that got these busy LYL Moms bikini ready!!!


Francine Penny did it, so can you!


Our program works, and is an amazing sisterhood of support!

28 Day Swimsuit Ready Challenge…

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This comprehensive 28 Day Program  is jammed packed with the tools, support and motivation to get you swimsuit ready just in time for the beach or pool this summer!

 In-Town Class Times:

Group A – Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30am & Friday at 6:30am

Group B – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:30am

Group C – Tuesday, Thursday  at 6:00pm and Saturday at 9am or 10am

Group D – Tuesday, Thursday  at 7:00pm and Saturday at 9am or 10am

What is the cost of the 28-Day Swimsuit Body Makeover Program?

In-Town Program: $249

I don’t live in St. John’s or can’t attend the group class times; can I still do the program?

You bet! You can join our On-Line Swimsuit Ready Group. You’ll get access to everything listed above excluding the group classes.

On-Line Program: $119

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This comprehensive 28-Day Program is a

safe and sensible way to get you sleek, sexy and Swimsuit Ready!!! 

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 Your Swimsuit Body Experts!

Courtney & Team of LYL Coaches