12-Minute  AMRAP Home Workout Revolution

Workout Notes: Preform each exercise in the follow Circuit for 30sec, completing As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) with NO rest between exercises. Complete the Circuit 4 times. Enjoy!

  1. Prisoner Squats
  2. Close-Grip Push-ups (take 3 seconds to lower your chest to the floor)
  3. Prisoner Lunges
  4. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (alternating sides)
  5. Total Body Extensions
  6. Jumping Jacks

Exercises Descriptions:

Prisoner Squats

Prinsor Squats


Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your fingers on the back of your head, pulling your elbows and shoulders back and sticking your chest out. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees, keeping your torso upright and your core tight. Pause, and then slowly push yourself back to the starting position. That’s one rep.



Close-Grip Push-ups

Close grip Push-ups

Lie on the floor face down and place your hands closer than shoulder width for a close hand position. Make sure that you are holding your torso up at arms’ length. Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale. Using your triceps and some of your pectoral muscles, press your upper body back up to the starting position and squeeze your chest. Breathe out as you perform this step. After a second pause at the contracted position, repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

If you are new at this exercise and do not have the strength to perform it from your toes, you can either bend your legs at the knees to take off resistance or perform the exercise against the wall instead of the floor.

Prisoner Lunges

Prinsor Lunges

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and clasp your hands behind your head. Keep your elbows pulled back and your shoulder blades should be pulled together to work the upper back. Step forward with your left leg, taking a slightly larger than normal step. Be sure to keep your right toe on the ground and use it to help keep your balance, and also bend your right knee.

Continue to lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep your upper body upright throughout the entire movement. Push with your front (left) leg to return to the starting position and swap legs.


Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (alternating sides)

Mountain Climbers

Get into a push up position and make your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your body should form a straight line from the feet to your head. Tighten your core and maintain the contraction the entire time. Bring one knee toward the opposite elbow. Return to the starting position to repeat on the other side. Be sure to brace your core throughout the entire exercise. Keep your back flat during the exercise to avoid injury. Avoid allowing your hips to creep up during the movement. Focus on keeping your body level throughout the exercise.


Total Body Extensions

Total Body Extensions

Begin in a flexed position, squatting down and rounding forward at the spine and shoulders. Press up to standing, pulling hips forward, drawing arms back and lifting eyes and chest. If possible, rise up onto the toes at the top of the movement. Hold for 2-3 seconds and repeat.




Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks


Stand with your feet together and your hands down by your side. In one motion jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head. Immediately reverse that motion by jumping back to the starting position.