Beast Mode Booty!

Beast Mode Booty

(3-5min warm up)

Note: Preform each exercise for 20sec, followed by a 10sec recovery/rest, repeat for the prescribed number of rounds.

If the exercises listed are new for you just click on the name and you will be redirected to an exercise technique video either from me or some other fitness expert on YouTube.

Bulgarian Split Squats x 4

Squat High 5’s with a Partner x 4

Siff Squats x 4

Box Square Jumps x 4

X Jumps x 4

Curtsy Lunge x 4

Donkey Kick ups x 4

Plank Jacks x 4

Side Lunge Touchdown x 4

Sprinting Burpees x 4

Wall Sit x 4

(3-5min Cool Down)